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"Marek's Nick Forster"
Marek's Nick Forster
Marek's Nick Forster

Name: Marek's Nick Forster
Sire: Someday's Caesar, 32" Gray
Dam: Merek's Adalida Anita, 31 3/4" Gray
DOB: 7.5.2001
Height: 30 1/2"
Color: Brown
Gender: Jack
Description: Show Winnings:
First Place NMDA Winner: Jacks at Halter, 2005 The Great Celebration Shelbyville, TN.

First Place Winner: Jacks at Halter, 2005 Grand Finale

First Place Winner: Showmanship (Green), 2006, Belton Summer Jubilee

Third Place Winner: In Hand Trail 2006, Houston Livestock Show

Second Place Winner: Jacks at Halter under 5 yrs, 2006, San Antonio Stock & Rodeo

First Place Winner: Jacks at Halter, 2005 TAMU

First Place Winner: Jacks at Halter, 2005, GCDMS College Station, TX
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